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On AI For Creativity - Session 3

"On AI For Creativity" is a series of sharing sessions where we invite experts from various domains (tech, design, finance, education, art and entertainment, etc) to share ideas and work on AI x Creativity. Both online / in-person events will be hosted. This in-person session in Central touched on the “Gold Rush” for Generative AI, gathering founders, directors, technologists, designers, and other creatives.

🚀 Talk 1: "Try It On" with AI (by Nathan)

Nathan co-founded Try It On AI that allows people to create custom professional headshot. In the begining, words got spread in a group of business & healthcare professional, and then it turned into a TikTok trend, even landed on TV in the US. See a review by Allie here.

Nathan shared the fundamentals of AI and generative tools for different tasks, and attributed the product success of "Try It On AI" by far to “AI’s knowledge of Photography”. He also shared a few technical challenges, such as generating:

  • 👀 Eyes: Text-to-image generative models are known to produce eyes with asymmetry or artifects.
  • 👌 Hands: Text-to-image generative models are known to produce weird looking hands, even with extra fingers.
  • 😁 Teeth: Allie describes ""all photos with teeth showing are something out of a Stephen King novel".

🚀 Talk 2: Generative AI as new form of Art (by Ka Hei)

Julius shared an project he is working on that allows people, especially artists, to easily create and collaborate on art. Traditionally, people receive art passively. With AI now people can truly interact with art on the fly and achieve “creation as consumption”.

He also shared insights on how to build AI apps cost-effectively:

  • In essence, foundational models should be trained by companies with a lot of resources and talents.
  • SMEs should aim to build fine-tuned models, though fine-tuning foundational model still may not be feasible.
  • Hence, some kind of add-on / inference model such as ControlNet or LoRA built on top of foundational model may make the most sense.

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