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On AI For Creativity - Session 4

"On AI For Creativity" is a series of sharing sessions where we invite experts from various domains (tech, design, finance, education, art and entertainment, etc) to share ideas and work on AI x Creativity. Both online / in-person events will be hosted. This in-person session in Central touched on the “Gold Rush” for Generative AI, gathering founders, directors, technologists, designers, and other creatives.

🚀 Talk 1: Preparing The New Generation For AI Rising (by Ellen)

AI has been, and will continue to be, a vital player in the future of human society. The recent gold rush in Generative AI has spawned not just questions on how to utilize or develop AI, but also how to better prepare for its uprising. Ellen will share her team’s experience in teaching the youth about Generative AI and how to engage the younger generation with its creativity.

  • A potential US$1.3 trillion market for Generative AI
  • Youth Education: No Code to Fun Code
  • Proactive > Reactive Education

🚀 Talk 2: How Is Generative AI Setting New Frontiers For Brands (by Olivier)

Generative Models have spawned never-before innovation due to their speed, creativity and impeccable human interface. Investments in Generative AI by brands across various sectors have created some sort of "Gold Rush" phenomenon. Olivier will share insights into how brands see Generative AI and the commercialization of it.